Thursday, September 28, 2006

Last day of Office...!

Today is the last working day of office for dashain holiday. We gonna having fun having soft drinks and chips..

Today at BICC the "sok samaroha" was held for the 24 great dead people during the helicopter accident. I too wanted to go but I had office. Anyway, I pay many condolences to all the past peoples. May their soul rest in heaven.

Monday, September 25, 2006

It was too cold....!

Sterday I and my brother were wet in the rain. It was already 7:15 pm and the sky was pouring the small chilling bubbles over the valley. Because of the reason that I broke the diki of our bike, raincoat is left in our home. So what? We had to go in rain.

I have put only T-shirt and nothing inside. I had to ride the bike. It was so cold and naughty weather shows no mercy upon me. Though we had a small black folding umbrella it was of no work. "Aaaaaaaaaaaachu........" so cold my mouth just spit the words.

But a some days ago I watched a documentary about a married couple who were stuck in a remote area of snow with their milk drinkin small baby for complete 8 days without any food. I just imagine if I could be like that? can't.

The mother got the feet frost-bite and the father left them in a cave. Though she insist not to leave them he went. I wasn't think in my mind what has gone to her in that remote area with only her child and the leg is frost-bite.

Father went and went to reach and called for help and finally all three survived but they both lost their feet.

I just thought that and felt happy though I am complete wet. We both reached at home safely and had hot drinks cooked by my dear mom. It was too much delicious that I can't explain in two words.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Very Very Bad news !!

Yesterday a helicopter crashed in the remote place near Suketar of Taplejung. There were 25 passenger travelling in that helicopter. Rescue operation couldn't go to the spot due to bad weather. There were many VIPs travelling in that helicopter.

Those on board the missing helicopter include Minister of State for Forest, Gopal Rai, and his wife, Secretary of the Ministry, Damodar Prasad Parajuli, director general at the Department of Forest and Wildlife Conservation Dr. Tirtha Man Maskey, WWF country representative Dr Chandra Gurung, Charge d’ Affairs of the Embassy of Finland, Pauli Mustonen, noted geographer and planner Dr Harka Gurung, Director General of Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Narayan Poudel, Director General of Department of Forests , Sharad Rai, two Nepal Television journalists, Hem Raj Bhandari and Sunil Kumar Singh, FNNCI central member Bijay Shrestha, Mingma Sherpa of WWF US, Conservation Director-WWF UK, Dr Jill Bowling, Dawa Tsering Sherpa, Deputy Director of the USAID Ms. Margaret Alexander,. FNCCI Central Committee Member Vijaya Shrestha, Development. Specialist USAID, Dr. Bijnan Acharya, Mrs. Yeshi Lama-WWF Nepal, Coordinator WWF UK Ms. Jennifer Headley, and four crew members Captain Klim Kim, Saffron Vallery (both Russian), Captain Mingma Tsering and Tandu Shrestha (crew).


It is very much loss for the indigenous people because they are only the man who were trying to speak for the indigenous people. We were first too much shocked to hear that many janajatis are suffered. Like Gopal Rai, Sarad Rai, Dr.Harka Gurung, Dr.Chandra Rai and others. After facing so much trouble and hurdles they have come to thier post and trying to work good for the indigenous people but that dangerous accident crashed all hopes.

Though without knowledge it is wrong to say that it might be conspiracy but we never can judge it is not. Because though till now the murder of the Royal family hasn't come up clear then I think that incident too will be like that. Noone takes responsibility to open all the secrets to let nepali know the truth.

As the accident of Prekshya Rana, it will too blur in the history.

Again yesterday a representative of lower house was severly murdered by the two people.

Actually yesterday was the worse day. Whatever it may be and whoever has died we must at least pay heartful condolence to the past persons. May their soul rest in peace. And if whoever was responsible for that accident , he mus pay for it in the future.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Read a poem...!!

7:26 PM 7/29/2006

New World

Just Imagine a new world
where all love the people pay
The time when all the problem dies
and the cheerful of hapiness it lay.

Remembering the past to start a new day
where the tranquility has on the way.
Never again we will quarell in a small thing
The song of love, help and affection
we share the joy of happiness we sing.

Imagine a world of love
where there are no any beggers and poors.
The time of emotional moments it waves
on the beautiful beach of kind sea shores.

No more killing and firing of guns
Let's create a new world of tranquil and love
No more praying and begging help to others
No need of the symbol peace white dove.

Together we tie in the bond of human hood
Noone is weak or small.
Sure the next sun of warmth will rise
when the dark and black night falls.

Pardon! I beg for what I did wrong
For it I will sing for you a beautiful song.
Shadows of warmth and cool I spread,
Hunger, sorrow and sadness are all going to fade.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Response to an article about animal rights....!

This is my response to an article published by Richa Bhattarai who wrote the article feeling proud of having meat. It was a long time nearly two years back from now but I think the words of mine aren't dead yet. It is alive and fresh as it was before. So I thought it will be nice to post it in my blog site. I sent this email to but didn't published.

Dear Editor,

I like the way in which Richa Bhattarai wrote in her article about eating meat. I am a vegetarian for about a year. I left to eat meat coz I wanted to deduce the percentage of killing animals. This seems impossible to avoid the killing of animals by just avoiding eating meat but help a little bit. She has written that she didn't feel any mercy upon animals when she had meat at home. But want to ask that is she made of iron or stone ? If she is human she mustn' t forget that she is too an animal. I think she must be fully against of Maoists actions of killing innocent people and she must be too against of all kind of violence. But the way she presents the view of her mind in the newpaper seems that she too has a virtual vampire resideing inside her who definitley wants to taste the blood of innocent aniamls. If it is not like that then why she doesn't feel any kind of mercy upon the innocent buffaloes shooted by people. She may think that our ancestors are carnivorous so why should we avoid eating meat? We must not think like that being the people of 21st century because we are now much more educated, sophisticated and higly developed then our meat loving ancestors. In the article I somewhat realise that she feels proud because she is non-veg. Because I have never seen people who argue that eating meat is good from any direction rather that avoiding meat.

Writing all these things may feel that I hate non-veg but it is n't. I mean to say that we must just try follow the path shown by Buddha. The path of non-violence. Violence means not only killing of human by human but also of animals too because they have also equal rights to live in this earth as of human beings. It is very wrong idea to think that being a super animal we can do whatever we want to animals. I think she feels sorry for the human behaviour upon animal from some points but she cannot just avoid eating meat. So this is only her weakness that she can't avoid eating meat. So it is just funny or stupid to write her own weakness over such a famous newpaper letting everyone knowing, making the wonderful web of words. At last I want to suggest all people that if you can't do anything good to animals then plez don't do bad too.

Ashish Lohorung Rai


Parewa Collapes...!

Reputed independent news portal was dismissed due to some internal conflict with CNC. was running with the collabration with CNC. It is very sad for all of us because was so much popular among the NRNs. It is also famous among the Nepali. It come to know that for many months was going severe financial weakness. It is due to the weakness of marketing and unable to get advertising. Though our brothers were putting their every effort to keep it alive but all in vain.

Not for only us(CNC members) but for all Nepali this is bad news for emerging business and fame of media.
As all we know that how much important is the news are. It is a tragic event in the history of all news portals in Nepal.

Anyway, whatever the things are happened are all past so we must think for the future and do our best to keep control them. I do wish the bros that wherever they go success will kiss them.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It's 7:24 pm and the power is gone.....!

It is 7:24 and the electric power is gone and I am doing computer with the help of UPS. I don't know how much it helps me to run my PC. If goes suddenly then whatever I have done will go and my all work will go in vain. Today Kunjan Ji took some of my photos and I edited using photoshop. When I tried to put that photo in this blog then power went off.

Now I am waiting for my elder brother to come here and we together go to home. But he has shown no sign of coming here till now. It is already late and night. How could I go home if he didn't come?

Whatever it may be I must trust in my luck. The threat of going UPS down is rising and the blood pressure too. I can't even think what to write and what not. So if I go out of subject then plese don't mind it.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My office and me.....!

This is me..!!
I go to my office at around 10 am and stay there until 7 pm. It is located in Hattisaar near Marcopolo Business Hotel. It was before a month my office was inside that hotel. But due to the lack of enough space the owner of the office, Ranjan Shrestha decided to move it to this building.

Basically, this office develops websites, brochures, logos and so on which are all related to designing. This website company has developed around 60 to 65 websites altogether till now. Some are;

My chat with Naresh Sir.....

Chat Date: Tuesday, September 05, 2006, 6:31:15 PM

sprisoner: :-)...u do not need to reload the page. well, thats why ajax is there.
ashishlohorung: yeah
ashishlohorung: how much an AJAX page is fast than a normal page?
ashishlohorung: is it 2 or 3 times faster?
sprisoner: in the scale of pages that we make, its almost same.
sprisoner: no, we cannot compare that way. it depends on the case.
ashishlohorung: so what's the benefit of using AJAX?
sprisoner: biggest benefit, u can do anything internally, without losing data on the form...all because u need not reload it.
ashishlohorung: yeah
sprisoner: i mean, imagine : u can validate login of user by calling asp or anything that runs server side.........all without refreshing the page! and show the result to user. and it takes almost same time, sometimes even less.
ashishlohorung: that mean we save time not to reload the same information what we have already in our page right?
ashishlohorung: i have heard that to update a small data on our page........AJAX can do it without uploading the whole that right?
sprisoner: yes
ashishlohorung: can you give site where we can learn the basic implication of AJAX..?
sprisoner: well, need to check out
sprisoner: will inform tomm.
ashishlohorung: ok sure sir
ashishlohorung: and one thing sir
ashishlohorung: what is the best example of implication of xml ? can u give sir?
sprisoner: i din;t get u. in what sense?
ashishlohorung: i meant that what is the best use of xml?
ashishlohorung: practically?
ashishlohorung: if u don't get now also
sprisoner: replacement of online database.
sprisoner: and security.
sprisoner: and where files r needed which r regularly updated, like MSN contacts..
ashishlohorung: what is the best benefit of xml?
sprisoner: hmm...well, lot many in fact.
sprisoner: is it urgent. like, we can discuss it in the class tomorrow if we can.
ashishlohorung: yeaha
shishlohorung: sure
sprisoner: btw, do we have class tomorrow?
sprisoner: ok
sprisoner: but i m thinking...its a good topic for seminar, right? i guess, many guys in the class don't know it, and it is somthing important today.
sprisoner: what do u say?
sprisoner: i mean, it will be good for students............AJAX.
ashishlohorung: yeah sure
ashishlohorung: sir
ashishlohorung: but who will present it
ashishlohorung: coz i already did it sir
ashishlohorung: and i need some break sir
sprisoner: who do u want. choose one.
sprisoner: no, i mean, some one else, not u.
sprisoner: i know, u need a break! :-D
sprisoner: ok, catch up tomorrow.
sprisoner: ttlashishlohorung: sure sir
ashishlohorung: see you then
sprisoner: c ya, bye

Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11 Memory...!

When Bin Laden attacked WTC more than 2000 people died. People of different views may watch the incident differently that he has done right. But whatever had happened dying of innocent people is always worse and we have to defy it.

Today is that worst day. And I pay my condolences to the families who have lost their relatives in that day. So everybody has to pay by one way or another, I pay with this blog.

Terrorism, Bombing and gunfight,
will bring dark in our world.
Happiness and tranquility,
are going to be sold.

Crying of innocents when they die,
will not go without pay.
All the people of the world,
the words of peace we say.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Indigenous Definition

As I am an indigenous people I though it would be better if I do search who are we actually? Why is the indigenous issue is so hot and they are saying that they are underpriviledged? It is the time that people like us have to wake up and search for the right that we are provided by our law and the various many big world organisations like UN, ILO etc.

Because I have heard that many non-indigenous people get benefited in the name of indigenous fund and other facilities. It is so because we indigenous people don't be aware about that and we think what is going to happen? This is totally wrong perspective. We have to search our identity, place and origin because if we don't do that we are going to be more deprived from all things. We should hope for the future not for the present.

So with this attitude lots of things are there to do and lots of things to search. Wherever you find and thing just share other and me. As I will publish andy good thought and good links in the cyberspace. As I am an IT student my responsibility is to help indigenous people from the IT field. So I am opening this blog site which I hope will continue till my death.

I hope you people understand my feeling and yours too. So pleas comment me and together we will unite.

Here are some links which will help you to understand who are indigeneous people.

So here they are. I hope you people check it and know the truth.

Treat in Umesh Dai House.....

As he has invited us in his dinner we all went there and had lots of things such as coke, peanuts, prawn crackers, porks and so on. But as I am a vegeterian I didn't eat non-veg items. He also shot many videos with lots of jokes and fun.

He too showed us what they did in Pokhara..It was very fun to watch and we laughed till our gut nearly came out...

We also had milk curd and rasbari....

My stomatch was so much fill and full that it nearly came out. Whatever, we had a great fun there. At around 7:30 pm we (Laxman, Bikkil, Kunjan, Raju and Me ) came out to go our homes. Well though it was already night, it was a good excuse to stay late outdoor.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

It is weekend !

Today is weekend ie. Saturday. We the CNC and Parewa staffs are invited by Umesh dai of He is the owner of the site. He recently got 51,000 NC bucks for his great work of managing the blog site. So he has invited us to have treat in his house at Kalimati.

Just now I am chatting with my old friend Sameer . He is working in India. Hey Sameer if you read this posting then comment my site ok.

Friday, September 08, 2006

It is raining ....!!

My Office hour is over but also I am writing this blog to just make you fun. Rain is pouring from the sky and the weather is cool. I am thinking how to go my home. Brother said he will come by bike and take me home but we have only one raincoat...

What will happen ? Tomorrow I will write...

Today was my nice day ....anyway.

Day before yesterday was my worst day ...why? I will write about it.

Just a few days ago I knew I got passed in my 5th semester BSCIT in A. Everybody were asking for treat but I have no money. So what to do?

Anyway I will convince them by the way..

Welcome to my first Blog

Hello everyone,

This is Ashish .. I have started blog posting from today...I will continue it for my whole life ples accept it and do comment it..