Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My chat with Naresh Sir.....

Chat Date: Tuesday, September 05, 2006, 6:31:15 PM

sprisoner: :-)...u do not need to reload the page. well, thats why ajax is there.
ashishlohorung: yeah
ashishlohorung: how much an AJAX page is fast than a normal page?
ashishlohorung: is it 2 or 3 times faster?
sprisoner: in the scale of pages that we make, its almost same.
sprisoner: no, we cannot compare that way. it depends on the case.
ashishlohorung: so what's the benefit of using AJAX?
sprisoner: biggest benefit, u can do anything internally, without losing data on the form...all because u need not reload it.
ashishlohorung: yeah
sprisoner: i mean, imagine : u can validate login of user by calling asp or anything that runs server side.........all without refreshing the page! and show the result to user. and it takes almost same time, sometimes even less.
ashishlohorung: that mean we save time not to reload the same information what we have already in our page right?
ashishlohorung: i have heard that to update a small data on our page........AJAX can do it without uploading the whole page...is that right?
sprisoner: yes
ashishlohorung: can you give site where we can learn the basic implication of AJAX..?
sprisoner: well, need to check out
sprisoner: will inform tomm.
ashishlohorung: ok sure sir
ashishlohorung: and one thing sir
ashishlohorung: what is the best example of implication of xml ? can u give sir?
sprisoner: i din;t get u. in what sense?
ashishlohorung: i meant that what is the best use of xml?
ashishlohorung: practically?
ashishlohorung: if u don't get now also
sprisoner: replacement of online database.
sprisoner: and security.
sprisoner: and where files r needed which r regularly updated, like MSN contacts..
ashishlohorung: what is the best benefit of xml?
sprisoner: hmm...well, lot many in fact.
sprisoner: is it urgent. like, we can discuss it in the class tomorrow if we can.
ashishlohorung: yeaha
shishlohorung: sure
sprisoner: btw, do we have class tomorrow?
sprisoner: ok
sprisoner: but i m thinking...its a good topic for seminar, right? i guess, many guys in the class don't know it, and it is somthing important today.
sprisoner: what do u say?
sprisoner: i mean, it will be good for students............AJAX.
ashishlohorung: yeah sure
ashishlohorung: sir
ashishlohorung: but who will present it
ashishlohorung: coz i already did it sir
ashishlohorung: and i need some break sir
sprisoner: who do u want. choose one.
sprisoner: no, i mean, some one else, not u.
sprisoner: i know, u need a break! :-D
sprisoner: ok, catch up tomorrow.
sprisoner: ttlashishlohorung: sure sir
ashishlohorung: see you then
sprisoner: c ya, bye


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