Sunday, September 17, 2006

Parewa Collapes...!

Reputed independent news portal was dismissed due to some internal conflict with CNC. was running with the collabration with CNC. It is very sad for all of us because was so much popular among the NRNs. It is also famous among the Nepali. It come to know that for many months was going severe financial weakness. It is due to the weakness of marketing and unable to get advertising. Though our brothers were putting their every effort to keep it alive but all in vain.

Not for only us(CNC members) but for all Nepali this is bad news for emerging business and fame of media.
As all we know that how much important is the news are. It is a tragic event in the history of all news portals in Nepal.

Anyway, whatever the things are happened are all past so we must think for the future and do our best to keep control them. I do wish the bros that wherever they go success will kiss them.


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