Sunday, September 10, 2006

Treat in Umesh Dai House.....

As he has invited us in his dinner we all went there and had lots of things such as coke, peanuts, prawn crackers, porks and so on. But as I am a vegeterian I didn't eat non-veg items. He also shot many videos with lots of jokes and fun.

He too showed us what they did in Pokhara..It was very fun to watch and we laughed till our gut nearly came out...

We also had milk curd and rasbari....

My stomatch was so much fill and full that it nearly came out. Whatever, we had a great fun there. At around 7:30 pm we (Laxman, Bikkil, Kunjan, Raju and Me ) came out to go our homes. Well though it was already night, it was a good excuse to stay late outdoor.


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