Monday, September 25, 2006

It was too cold....!

Sterday I and my brother were wet in the rain. It was already 7:15 pm and the sky was pouring the small chilling bubbles over the valley. Because of the reason that I broke the diki of our bike, raincoat is left in our home. So what? We had to go in rain.

I have put only T-shirt and nothing inside. I had to ride the bike. It was so cold and naughty weather shows no mercy upon me. Though we had a small black folding umbrella it was of no work. "Aaaaaaaaaaaachu........" so cold my mouth just spit the words.

But a some days ago I watched a documentary about a married couple who were stuck in a remote area of snow with their milk drinkin small baby for complete 8 days without any food. I just imagine if I could be like that? can't.

The mother got the feet frost-bite and the father left them in a cave. Though she insist not to leave them he went. I wasn't think in my mind what has gone to her in that remote area with only her child and the leg is frost-bite.

Father went and went to reach and called for help and finally all three survived but they both lost their feet.

I just thought that and felt happy though I am complete wet. We both reached at home safely and had hot drinks cooked by my dear mom. It was too much delicious that I can't explain in two words.


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