Wednesday, September 20, 2006

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7:26 PM 7/29/2006

New World

Just Imagine a new world
where all love the people pay
The time when all the problem dies
and the cheerful of hapiness it lay.

Remembering the past to start a new day
where the tranquility has on the way.
Never again we will quarell in a small thing
The song of love, help and affection
we share the joy of happiness we sing.

Imagine a world of love
where there are no any beggers and poors.
The time of emotional moments it waves
on the beautiful beach of kind sea shores.

No more killing and firing of guns
Let's create a new world of tranquil and love
No more praying and begging help to others
No need of the symbol peace white dove.

Together we tie in the bond of human hood
Noone is weak or small.
Sure the next sun of warmth will rise
when the dark and black night falls.

Pardon! I beg for what I did wrong
For it I will sing for you a beautiful song.
Shadows of warmth and cool I spread,
Hunger, sorrow and sadness are all going to fade.


Blogger Sadhana said...

Hey Ashish!!!

Your poem is really very nice and now don't dare to think that i am flattering you okey.. its really very nice ...keep up ur writing spirit...


September 20, 2006 6:55 PM  

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