Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Blog Action Day

15th of October: Blogging and Environment. A nice combination of two makes the Blog Action Day as environment is selected as a theme this year. This day is the environmental friendly movement which will try to aware every boy how each individual can take their own steps for the better environment. If you are a blogger it is the precious time you should talk about environment. In this day everyone can participate in their own way.

Here are only some of the list of things that you could do as an individual to make environment happy:

Consider a smaller point size
Designers are already accused of making the type too small to be readable, but go ahead. A smaller font size can allow you to fit more words on a page, which requires fewer pages, which requires fewer trees, which requires fewer environmental crises.

Opt out of wasteful mailing lists
If you find your office mail box stuffed with computer catalogs and who-knows-what-else that goes straight in the recycling bin, nip that paper waste in the bud by getting off the mailing list. It may take some diligence if you work directly with the sender, but there are national opt-out lists run through the Direct Marketing Association that can eliminate a lot of the unwanted mailings.

Turn used file folders inside out
We bet you’re thinking this is the dumbest idea you’ve seen here yet. But not really. When a job’s complete, clean out the file, refold the thing inside out and you’re ready for a new project. You just cut your file folder expenses in half and saved some poor tree.

Source: For more things follow the above link.

Many great bloggers have written many things you can do to change the day to help the environment better. Some of them are as follows:

Chirs Garrett:

Freelance Switch:

Blogger Buzz:

So, do you blog about it now?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found a great website called where you can find great simple ideas on how to help save the environent. Check it out!

March 04, 2009 10:35 AM  

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