Thursday, July 26, 2007

Harry Potter Wallpaper

By hard searching in the Google with the high resolution images I have downloaded many pictures of Harry Potter and the other crew members. I have created a wallpaper and I have put its wallpaper on my desktop. If you want it just download it and set it as desktop background. J.K. Rowling seems like model in the wallpaper. Actually she is in the sense she is model of all fantasy lovers from general readers, directors, actors, writers to publishers.

The craze of Harry Potter seems never stopping. So it will be hard for those who loves Harry Potter if it stops coming.

She has said the concept of writing Harry Potter came when she was traveling from Manchester to London. When she wrote the first edition and went to the publishers she was rejected by eight publishers. Finally, Bloomsbury accepted it and they were astonished to see the market craze upon it. Till now it is going on breaking all the records of all the books of the past.

Long Live Harry Potter!


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