Thursday, January 04, 2007

Pre-Final Exam Mess!

After the hard work of the report, assignments and project preparation again the exam comes. I haven't read a single day of any of the text books beside going to the class. So I was to be the worse nightmare to give exam in such situation. Though due to the pressure of cutting the marks if not attended in the exam I was ready to do whatever comes in my mind. It is easier because of the objective type questions. Though college has given some of the subjective type questions too because they thought our writing skills is degrading. Students feel really bored to give such subjective type questions coz they had already the habit of it when enrolling into this college.

And to make more worse the college told us to give assignments in hand written form not computer print. Due to the time constraints I was not able to write all the assignments myself, I handed to my sisters to do the tasks. I said I would pay for it. They were ready and helped me a lot. Within a short time I finished the assignments. After all the stuffs the exam is ready with its big mouth open to engulf me.

Though I copied the schedule of the exam, to be worse I lost it inside my bag. I searched a lot and all in vain. I called the college and wanted to know they were surprise to hear that I don't know the routine. How could I explain all the stuffs?

At last I went to the examination hall yesterday. It was very late about one hours. I thought I will do everything in one another hour time coz it was all objective type questions and I don't know much of them so how could I take more time? When I entered the room my one of the teacher told me I am not allowed to take exam because some students are already outside and there may be the chance of leaking the question papers. Though I hadn't met any of my friends I gave up and resigned to give the exam. Many other students also do the same but they won't get punished.

Just today also I saw a student coming to the room after one and half hour and he was allowed. Why only me? That was my question but I never asked to anyone coz they don't understand. Perhaps this blog will shout it out to explain all these things in detail.

After that I went outside and headed to my office. It was really early but what to do ? Going to the home takes much time and expenses are more. So I decided to go office and do surfing. As I was walking from Maitidevi to Kamaldi many things came to my mind about resigning the exam. It felt very odd that I have done something very punishable or criminal. I didn't know I was completely blank. I have felt such incident very rare in my life. That was really off and I can't explain in words how did I felt. It was like the situation after a huge earthquake. Nothing can be guessed what is going to be next. How many times I was telling myself that this is not a serious thing, my another mind conflicts and take me to that wired situation.

During the whole day of my office I remembered that and my day was like a blank. Whatever I did in the office was good but I couldn't forget it. After that I decided to wake up early in the morning and go to the exam hall fast. So I did as I thought and I gave today's exam well but not great. Whatever at last I am feeling recovered but don't know what the college will do to my exam bunk yesterday. Whatever may happen I pray to god that will result in good consequences. Finally I am back to my office writing this blog.


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