Thursday, January 04, 2007

The family murder incident

As we all family were watching the NTV news we heard a news that shocked us. It was the death attack of a family by their own worker. It said a group of attacker came to thier house and attacked violently to the family members. The family was subedi from eastern nepal. At once the wife and the husband died and the elder son severely injured. When they were going to attack the younger son, the injured elder son asked him to close the door where he was staying. Then only the little boy was able to be safe but he lost his family.

The elder son was soon rushed to hospital where he is getting treatment. We could see the room where they died full of blood. We thought a unknown family was died with very cruel way. But father soon realized something. He said that the family might be relative of our so called sister. The sister's house where we used to stay at Damak in rent. She married with Subedi cast. So the murdered family should have some link to the husband of her. Thinking that we tried to phone her that day but unable to get the line due to busy. It might be her calling to relatives we thought.
Just today she called my mom and told about that incident which was true to our imagination. It was relative of her. We are shocked again. What is happening to the security of our country? It is a big question. It was known that the attackers were from the Terai Region.


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