Thursday, January 11, 2007

Baby born without anus

A small baby who is kept in Kanti Children Hospital was born without anus. Hard to believe? But it is true. Doctors have made a temporary hole on his stomach to make passage of the stool outside form his body. This is very insane incident in this modern world where we might think that not a single person will get suffer from any kind of wired health problem. But that incident has once again challenged the modern technology. Whether the problem can be solved or not, there comes the question of money. Whatever you do and however you do money does matters in this so called material world. That is the place where the baby's relative lack for and they want help.

So many organization are helping to collect the donation for her operation. As my Lohorung committee too is collecting it. When I heard that news from my brother I was automatically insisted to do donation. I at once decided to donate. But I also decided to collect from my friends of my office. So I took the picture of the little baby at my office and asked my friends to do donation. They showed very positive attitude and helped as much as they can. I am really thankful and acknowledged to their help. Soon I collected some money. Though it was not a big amount I thought I did my best as I am not well in doing such things. That was really a very satisfaction to me. I thought I would do donation in future if I earn money a lot.

Though I don't know how she is now, I am inquiring about her with my brother. My family was surprised to see my behavior though I have donated my blood to one of my friends known people sometime ago. I don't know how I became interested in donation? Anyway, it is nice.

I really do pray to god with my inner feelings that she becomes all right soon. I wish whatever the situation comes she will be fine and well.



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