Saturday, July 07, 2007

North Country: Sexual Harassment Law History Story

Just now we some of the CNC staffs watched the movie called "North Country". This movie is based on true story about a mother who was sexually harassed by her co-workers in the mining company called Eveleth Taconite Co during 1988. The lead role is played by the actress Charlize Theron representing the real mother Lois Jenson. This movie is directed after a book called "Class Action" written by Clara Bingham.

When I started the movie from half I was thinking this movie is not so much interesting coz it is moving like tortoise. But as I began understanding the situation and the story I was enthralled by it. Josey is a mother raising two children. She was raped by a man and was forced to give the first baby. During school time too she was raped by her teacher. When she made commitment that she need no any man to help her family go alive she decided to work in the mining company. But to her surprise she was sexually harassed by her co-workers. Not only her all the females working there were behaved the same way.

Finally she decided it was too much and she filed sexual harassment lawsuit against the company co-workers. At the beginning it was hard to her and everybody said she was crazy. But when he got a good lawyers team she won the case and everybody was with her side. That kind of sexual harassment lawsuit was first in the history and got attention from all over the world. Everybody thanked her and the films ends.

Finally when I searched the Google and I came across the book "Class Action" I am thinking of buying it though I don't know it is available or not. I suggest everybody to watch that movie. I also did read this line when searching about the sexual harassment "One of every three women is sexually harassed one or more time in her life". Most of them are ignored due to the fear that it will be whole mess of privacy. In Nepal too though we don't hear such things it might be a whole lot of dirty things inside. Due to the lack of proper laws and its implementation we can hardly imagine the backside of these kinds of things. Everybody should be aware of it and stand forward to speak against it.


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