Friday, January 19, 2007

The Final of the Final Examination!

From 27 th of this month is going to be my final of the final examination of BScIT ( Bachelor of Science in Information Technology) ie. the final examination of the last semester. I am working at office till today. I have asked to Ranjan ji about my holiday and he allowed. I am staying till 30 th of this month at home. I don't know how could I do that because I have habit of staying out late.

Though I know I have prepared nice for sitting in the examination hall I have the courage to do it. Actually we don't know why we like to watch so many things in the TV while examination is near. Do wish me good luck for the coming up harder days. I should be really boring to sit and stay all the day at home and study. But this is my quest of life. Everyone should be able to do that not only me. I have heard in a TV show that the one and only friend of yours entire life is only YOU. If you pay respect, love, care to him/her then only you will get success. I felt whoever told that is absolutely right. If you learn to love yourself then only you could love others. Loving others means not only the girlfriend or boyfriend but also to the nation, family, friends, work, hobbies and finally to YOURSELF.

We have four papers to give in our every semester exam. This semester we have WML/XML, MIS, SQA and one is comprehensive paper which is the remix version of Oracle, C++ and VC++. Every paper is of 200 marks. All questions are of objective type. So there is some kind of benefit but have some kind of demerits too. This kind of technique of giving examination has degraded our writing skills. So this time college told us to give the hand written assignments which was tough.

It is so wired that less than 5% of what I have studied has only come to use during my work. It means that our study is completely theory based not practical. So college should focus more on practicals. Otherwise, this type of education only makes politicians not the professionals.


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