Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Presentation in front of teachers !!

Gone Saturday was our presentation in our college. Our college has
organised the presentation to increase the presentation skill of the
students. That is very nice to us being a learner. Before this too we
had several class presentation where I did too speak in front of the
class. At first, it was mess. What you wanted to speak doesn't come
out of the mouth. And the main problem is that we lack of confidence
to be in front of the class. But slowly I think I corrected it because
my last presentation was not nice but I didn't felt that much
hesitation and nervous as before.

I did presentation about the synopsis of our final project. I am going
to make an e-commerce site which is dynamic in nature. But I don't
know whether I will be able to do it or not because there is always
less time and there are assignments also to be done.
I had presented in powerpoint slides. I had make the slides very fast
but it was nice. I had also put some animation. So overall I think my
presentation was good.


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