Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Donating Blood !!

My colleague Sudhir Ji said he needed A +ve blood donor for his neighbor's father who is in Gangalal Heart Center at Bansbari. The patient has a small needle point hole in his heart. He is 63 years of age. His son is going to do all the effort for saving his father so he needed blood donors. Sudhir Ji asked us about donating blood. We four staffs were ready to donate viz. Me, Raju, Saroj and Suranjan.

So we all four tested the bloods yesterday and the reports came today said everything is fine and well. There is nothing bad. So I think tomorrow we have to donate the blood. This is my first blood donation so I am a bit nervous though due to the fact that it is for good cause I have come forward. I too have heard that donating blood makes more healthy. Though I too have heard that it makes more fatty. I wonder how much am I going to be?

I heard that Gangalal Heart Centre is medicating under 14 years of age freely. That is nice and a very much younger age boy had also come there to check his blood.



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