Monday, October 16, 2006

Indigenous Workshop...!

Day before yesterday I with my elder bro and sis went to attend a three day workshop at Anamnagar at Sagun office.It is the workshop for the club called Chula Chuli UNESCO Club. The workshop is facilitated by Damber Uncle. He did very good presentation and provided us many visions and ideas about the upliftment of indigenous people. He has a good sense of humour too so I don't feel how the day passed. It was fun to play a knot opening game though it was opened soon. That day we discussed about the Strategic Planning action about the problem we are facing to get the vision.

We were divided into four groups having four members each. Each group had to submit their suggestion and the suggestions had to be written in play cards. At last, the play cards were pasted in the wall and we all together discuss in all the play cards.

We were asked to identify the dragon that is stopping us to reach the vision. We were asked to mention the things but we cannot use the sense of there is not or there is lack of. Instead, we had to use what is there which is being stopping us. That was tough to choose that thing. So most of us were confused what to write. At last we had got some idea and did write it.

Arati is the vice-president of that club. She has to handle some of the task. She did present the report of the day before that day. Yesterday also the continued workshop held but I didn't had time to go. I had to prepare for the mid-term.

Anyway, that was so much fun and nice. I liked it very much and hoped that I don't miss such opportunity.



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