Friday, October 13, 2006

Exam Agian..!!

Though the fever of the final exam of 5th sem is not over another mid term-examinatoin is going to held from coming monday. I haven't prepared a little too. Actually I haven't touched my books at home. It is only at college only. So I don't know how to give my exams...?

These days Kathmandu is overwhelmed by dirt everywhere. The people of the place where municipality used to drop the garbages has banned to throw dirts there. So everywhere we can see many garbages with very bad smell. I don't know now how the government manages to control this thing now? God! ples do something to the managemnet level of this country!!

Today was average day for me. Deepak came to class only today. He was in Rajbiraj before. He bought a 512MB Toshiba pen drive today in Rs.1500 which has one year of replacing warranty. I thought I would buy the same coz I did lost 256MB Kingston pen drive just a week ago in micro bus. That day was my first got salary day. I can't explian that day coz one side is luck and another side is bad luck. That day was a remix type I think.

Today in my office meeting was held. Ranjan ji told us something how to improve the working mechanisms.I suggested to increase the staff number of the office because there are so much work is pending.


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