Friday, October 06, 2006

After the Dashian....!!

From yeasterday our office started in the same pace as before. Working, working and working. This dashian we palyed a lot of cards and I lost about 150 rupees. It was a bad dashain for me. We did travel to many relatives viz Nabin Uncle, Damber Uncle, Bina Phupu, Shantinagar Grand parents and nearby Uncle's house and to thamel "Maiju's House". So we collected many money.

Many relatives also visited us. Such as Parsuram Uncle's family, Manika's group, Lalit Uncle's family,Govinda Dai, Chandra Phupu , Very old friend of dad Deepak Bajracharya and Banu Ji and Tanka Bilas Uncle.

Though it seemed fun but one very worse news was heard during this Dashian. Chandra phupu told us that Father's own sister's husband is gone out of this world before some weeks. It was so surprising that nobody informed us. He is Thuli Phupa of ours. He was suffered from throat cancer and was getting treatment from Bharatpur Hostipal a year ago. Slowly the medicine was showing good sign he gone to our village ie Khartuwa. There he started to drink alcohols and "Jhand" too much saying that he don't want to live.

It is due to that I think that incident happened. I think his wife(Dad' sister) is very angry and upset about not caring them.

Anyway whatever happened it was too happened because he didn't listen to others and continued whatever he liked. Whatever it happened he used to love us a lot.

They both did so much care to us when we were small that we must appreciate it. He is the one who gave me very firt time a small Khukuri. I was too much happy to get it. We stayed in Khartuwa for about 1 year. In that time I used to always carry it wherever I went. I darely loved it so much. He used to cut our hair.

Once while cutting hair my elder bro said to him "Make it very short that mom couldn't get to pull it."

So he used to love us very much. I deeply pay condolence to his soul and wish it will rest in peace in heaven. May god give strength to his family to overcome the grief that has made worse to their life.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ohh.. you only lost 150 rupees.. i lost around 2000 rupees... dont' worry dude.. its Dashain, and you won't be loosing a single coin on ordinary days.. anyway don't stop blogging... all the best

October 09, 2006 4:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey anonymous thanks for commenting me ....keep it up sending and ....u know i do continue it ....i promise

October 10, 2006 10:45 AM  

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