Thursday, November 08, 2007

Praying grandfather for recovering soon

My maternal grandfather is very ill due to paralyse. It happened on the 5 th of this month. Due to that incident my mother is very vulnerable and touchy. His condition is very serious though it is recovering very slowly. We can't say anything till now. He is lying in bed all the time. He can talk slowly. Lila Mama called my mother saying he wanted to meet his all children. So she is going with my father and some relatives tomorrow to meet him at Bhaluwa Chauri at Dharan.

My grandfather's name is Man Bahadur Jimi. He has done many social service works in his village ie. Madi of Shankhuwasabha. He is also the active member of Nepali Congress in the village. The list of things which he has done is very long and I think he deserves more respect from the party and the villager. Recently his party and Maoists welcomed him in the village with great event. The plus point of him as every single person says is that he works all the time. He never retires. He was working till he got the seizure. Everybody complains him about his hard work in this age.

I have to write more about him in the future. This is just praying for his good health recover. He is one of my idol in this life. I must learn many things from his sacrifices and hard working attitude. I pray to god he will be all right soon. I will be grateful to you all if pray for him.

Long live my grandfather!



Anonymous Anonymous said...


Do not loose the hope. I wish for his recovery and good health. Convey my best regards to Aunty (your Mom).

Sirjana Didi

November 26, 2007 11:36 AM  

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