Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Felicitation Program of Nepal Children's Health & Education Foundation Held

Today Alliance of Mahakulung NGOs and Association of Nepal Kirat Kulung Language & Cultural Development jointly organised the felicitation program of Nepal Children's Health & Education Foundation to signify the respect for the work of an retired American Mrs. Candy Chaplin at Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), Bhrikutimandap. Mrs. Candy Chaplin has been working as a social worker at the most remote part of Solukhumbhu, Nepal for the upliftment of the local people residing there. With her initiative she has build a school, provided the necessary furniture, distributed many books and school uniforms, provided scholarships, built three mills and so on. She wants to build hospital, library, electricity facility as her future plans. During the program many respected persons including Bal Bahadur Rai ( Senior Leader and Ex-Interim PM), Prachandaman Shrestha (Chief of NTB), Chandra Singh Kulung ( Chief of Nepal Kirat Kulung Language and Culutre Development), Yam Bahadur Kulung (President of Nepal Kirat Kulung Language and Culutre Development), Surya Kulung ( Nepal Students Union executive member), Padam Nachhiring ( Nepali Congress Leader) were present. The program was hosted by Keshav Kulung and the co-ordinator of the program was Bagman Kulung.

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it seems you are busy now days!!!!!!

March 26, 2008 3:58 PM  

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