Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Electricity Muddle

As you know the electricity problem of Nepal rises in every winter, this time also it is continuing without any improvements. The schedule of the electricity cut off also not working. With the power cut off for 6 hours daily there is huge loss to all sectors from business persons to the SLC appearing students. Though there are some advantages too. The candle business has grown up tremendously making a huge profits to the candle business men.

Yesterday I got a call from my office at 10 am, "Electricity is on, so come to office soon." I was thinking that power would go but didn't. Today I thought it will be on today coz yesterday it was. I was hurriedly rushed to office. When I reached office I was surprised to see the electricity is gone. The psycho power and the government schedule has made a lot of problem to all the citizen of Nepal. Many people was frustrated with this kind of behaviour. One of my friend who thought he will do good job in Kathmandu rather in India and came to Kathmandu for doing his job. He was saying it was a very big wrong idea to come here.

This is the situation of every people who is working hard. Never know when the situation of the country will be good. If this kind of situation continues then there will be no one wise people left in Nepal.

Turmoil, anarchy and mayhem
caused the nation into havoc
the future is unknown
when will end this shock?

Battle for the power
motherland is in despair
Lord! Save us!
Just we need care.

Dark are the days
and harder the nights
lots of loss and failures
due to the small baby fights.



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