Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Birthday Mess Surprise

14 th of this month I woke up as usual and went downstairs. I drank a glass of water and sat on the chair when I got the overwhelmed and unexpected surprise. My two younger sisters had planned something else to wish me my birthday. They wished me with cheerful smile and handed me a small gift. That was my really surprise moment because I have never thought of it. Though I was aware that soon my birthday was coming but couldn't guess that it was that day. For the first time, I forgot my birthday. It is really hard for me coz I was surprised myself. I am wondering how could I forget my birthday? Is that the sign of something else? Was it the sign of some forgetfulness type of thing? I know that can't happen to me but I think that is much of co-incidence. I at once checked my digital diary for the evidence. It was cent percent right.

I made up my mind to celebrate it in my own way. I planned to buy some sweets and distribute to my colleagues. I bought some wired kind of sweet which I haven't know before and took it to office. When I got to office and greeted my friends, Laxman Ji pointed to have a piece of cake. I was surprised that what is that for. Though he tried to hide I hardly guess it was just like that. I haven't revealed till then that it was my birthday. I took out the sweet and showed to them and said it was my birthday. He was surprised to know and asking as if I was lying. I asked the reason for that and he replied that the another staff had his birthday too in that day. I was shocked for the second time of the co-incidence that was following me as if an angry bee. His name was Kunjan who is the senior creative designer and the owner of the company. Soon everybody knew about the wonderful incident happened there. Ranjan Ji soon planned to have lunch with all the staffs together. We Me, Kunjan, Ranjan, Pradeep, Raju and Suranjan had the lunch at nearby Kamaladi restaurant with great fun. When I returned home I bought some cakes from Thamel and had them with my family with the blowing of the candle and the "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U……" song.

Though some people say that celebrating the birthday like this is not our culture. It is imported from the west. I have seen whatever somebody thinks if you wish him in his birthday then he will be happy like he's got some special gift. It is not necessary to give expensive gifts and do wired things. The most important is to remember one's birthday. I have heard from my sister that the greatest gift you can give to other is the purity of attention. Likewise, there is no any gift special more than that. The very and the most special thing of anyone's birthday is its uniqueness. Though sometimes more than one people have birthday at the same day, most of the time it is unique. You feel very much extra and privileged at the moment and that feeling happens to be the happiest moment of your life.

It is the fact that many people celebrate their birthday with great expenditure and unnecessary things. We should discourage that in the sense that, in such type of birthday party there is more self enjoyment rather than the true feelings. If we could share the feeling more then the world will become friendlier. Let's start this attitude from ourselves first.