Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ready for reflection!

That's me shooting being reflected from the goggles of my friend Sulochan Wagle during Kapan Gumba visit.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Sakela, Udhauli and Ubhauli of Kiratis

Today is the Udhauli festival of all Kirati people. It is believed that from this day the winter season starts. So people, birds and animal migrate from cold regions to warmer regions. This kind of migration occurs twice in a year. The celebration of migrating downwards during this season is called "Udhauli (उधौली)" and the celebration of migrating upwards during the season of Baisakh (April or May) is called "Ubhauli (उभौली)".

Kirati people performs a speacial kind of dance called "Sakela" in this event playing various muscial instruments like Dhol, Jhyamta etc and wearing "Chhit ko Guneu" (specially patterened cloth) by Kirati women. This event of Kirati people has also been stated in Mundhum (holy book of Kirati people). This event is also called "Bhumi Puja" (Worship of Land) where Kirati people worship mother nature asking for good cultivation of crops during the season of April and thanking the god for giving good crops during this current season.

The legend of the celebration of Sakela as stated in Wikipedia is as follows:

The celebration is connected to many myths. According to the Kirat Mythology, it is said that before the marriage of Sumnima and Paruhang, Paruhang used to live in the heaven .One day, he saw beautiful Sumnima on the earth and fell in love. He made a beautiful comb, sent it to Sumnima who wished wed him.

Four children were born of them after marriage. But Paruhang left Sumnima in a hut on the bank of Dudhkoshi River and did not return for long time. One day, she saw a creeper on a stone while she was in search of food for her children. She tasted the creeper and it was full of power and happiness. She brought the creeper and made Buti, an intoxicating religious garland, and kept it safe. The Buti inspired everybody who saw it to tell the truth of her/his life. Paruhang returned suddenly. He tried to counsel angry Sumnima. She gave the Buti to Paruhang. This immediately made him glad and he started to tell what he had done. He had spent the time looking at the heaven and the earth from the top of Chomolongma (Mt. Everest ). He also said her that he had meditated, and visited the whole universe. Paruhang promised not to leave her, which made Sumnima dance with joy. It is believed the dance is the 'Sakela Dance'. For this reason, tradition is also that young boys and girls comes to participate this dancing festival to meet each other and find their love.

तपैहरुलाई यो चाड कस्तो लाग्छ ? कमेन्ट गरेर आफ्नो बिचार दिनुहोस । हैप्पी सकेला....!!

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Constructive design criticism of

Suzaane Franco has been running and recently became second in the competition named Blogging Idol 2 after a tie breaker getting equal marks of 3, with the first Happy Schools Blog. Being a mother of three kids she enjoys internet marketing which she has been doing for about eight years. Living in Texas Hill country in USA, she has hobbies of beach, river, lake, pool, boating, traveling. She also enjoys playing Tennis very much.

So why she loves internet marketing so much? Let's read in her own words:

I believe that Zig Ziglar (love him!) had the right idea when he said, “If you help enough people get what they want … you’ll get what you want.” I want to build and run a successful online business. And I truly believe that if I help others build and run their own successful online businesses (which is just totally in my personality anyway) … I’ll reach my goals too.

Recently I have commented in Blogging Tips about the design of her blog could be little more attractive. She replied me saying she likes constructive criticism very much and love to get any comments from anybody. So I have come up with this idea of posting this blog with the commented version of the design of her blog site. Though there could be other things to put up more I would be glad to see those comments because this is just my trying. Any kind of comments are warmly welcome because these comments are not full and final.

Here is the commented version of

Any kind of comments are highly encouraged to apply. I hope you all reading this blog you get some ideas of designing. Do you want to share same kind of stories? Just email or comment me. I will be glad to get support and ideas from you too. I will be happy to suggest you and help you in anyways I can as a web developer.

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