Friday, April 11, 2008

My first voting experience

CA Election voting

It was the wonderful experience to vote for the first time in my life. Yesterday in the morning at 7 am we all family planned to go for voting near our home. Our home is located at Kathmandu election area number 8, Sitapaila VDC. This VDC consists of three voting centers. Ours is located at Yuba Sahabhagita High School. When we reached there we were stunned to see the long queue of people willing to vote. Father was saying that everyone wants to vote soon so it would be traffic. But we all too wanted to vote sooner.

We soon took the appropriate women and men queue. There we stood about one hour then Father decided to come back home and vote at the evening. But I stayed there though I was hungry and my stomach was not so right in the morning. After 2 and half hours only I got my chance to vote. I was exhausted and hungry and soon after voting I returned home and had lunch. I hope the new constitution will address everyones' rights and issues.

For more information about the CA Election and the future government follow the links:

Election Commission Nepal

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Being the witness of first Constituent Assembly election of Nepal

In the history of Nepal, for the first time the election of Constituent Assembly is going to take place on 10th April 2008 which will write a new constitution without a monarchism. It is the honor and luck of all Nepali citizen to behold and experience this one and only in a lifetime happening. After postponing for two times this election is going to held with lot of excitement and optimism. It is already declared to write as a Republic Nepal but the implementation has not done. So how will be the practical end of 240 years of monarchy is going to happen? Answer lies after the role of the government to be formed after the election.

Official 74 various political parties are taking part in the CA election including some King supported ones. I personally think that those King sided parties are going to lose with huge difference. I mock those parties a really big and huge THUMBS DOWN! wishing them a very much bad luck in the present and in the future.

Altogether there will be 601 various representatives. 240 of them is chosen from direct election and 335 is chosen from proportional election. 26 are selected among the national icons and famous persons of Nepal. The result of the election is said to be declared within 21 days after the day of election. The newly formed government is going to hold for 2 years and could be extended for 6 months in case of emergency. The majority representation meeting is held by the 1/4 th of total number of representatives. People 18 years or above are eligible for voting and 17.5 million people are eligible according to the Election Commission of Nepal.

Everybody know that one of the three major parties among Nepali Congress, CPN (UML) and The Maoists will form the future government. But which party will be able to make it? In my personal opinion there is big chance of Maoists because all the people have already given votes to the other ones and seen what they could do. There is only one new and fresh party though having a bad history and that is Maoists. In that sense there is a lot of chance for them.

Our relative Mr. Bhawani Lohorung has also taken part from Shankhuwashabha direct election. I wish him the very best wishes and goodluck.


Long Live Democracy!

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Memory of My School Life

Childhood days are fine memory of the past
I wish my school life was not so fast
Wake up every morning do the daily homeworks
I loved gray and white dress, black shoes and white shocks.

We loved the burden less life though without fame
Hanging with nice friends calling by their nickname
Till now the "Dear Lord! Bless me....." pray refrains in my mind
It is impossible the past school days again to find.

Nice quotations were printed to welcome us near the gate
I still remember to find god I had scratched my forehead
Poison of mind is really caused by superstition
Students were busy to do their all time favorite stamp collection.

Quiz, spelling and debate increased our inner temptation
Football, volleyball and basketball were the physical well-being competition
We had nice and friendly pen pals the Japanese friends
Chulla Chulli initiated the habit of writing something trends.

Raman, Shakespeare and Devkota houses Curie, Einstein and Newton
Fair competition between them we had loads of fun
I was belonged to our amazing musical band
The song of cherish and the joy of friendship we sang.

The famous quote says "teacher is the second parent"
I swear we all got love as of hundred percent
I was the Harry Potter and Chulla Chulli is my Hogwarts
I cannot ignore my school life coz it is my half life part.

Teachers treated us like a small bee baby hive
The good manner inside us then became alive
Knowledge is the way and teachers are the guide
Fear, shame and shy were all gone to hide.

The right direction of life my school day showed
I never forget we ran towards the T.T. board
For the silver jubilee many congratulations from me
I wish my school will celebrate the huge Platinum jubilee.

Additional Information: When celebrating the silver jubilee my school Chula Chulli English Borading School Damak-1, Jhapa I had also send this poem. It was published but some of the parts were missing. Here is the full version of the poem given all to you. You are free to share and modify it according to the following conditions and license:

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.