Sunday, February 24, 2008

9th International Mother Langauge Day Celebrated

The gone 21st of this month was the 9th International Mother Language Day. Our local club Chulachuli UNESCO Club celebrated the day by showing a feature film "Kripa" which was in Gurung language having Nepali subtitle. Indigenous Film Archive (IFA) and "Nepal Rastra Ayog" supported the program. The theme of this year was "International year of Languages". It was presented at Gurukul, Battisputalisadak. There also held the interaction program after the show where Dr. Bajracharya and language expert Mr. Amrit Younjon gave their reactions about the film.

The one of the reactions that I liked about Amrit Ji was that we shouldn't blame for all the nonsense things to "Jhakri' due to the superstitions we have in our village and remote areas coz they are the one who healed our pain and sufferings throughout the centuries. They are the one who cured our wounds and treated us like doctor. Till now also there are not enough doctors in the village and the people have to be dependant to them only.

In the movie there is a girl named Kripa. She has been raised by a man who is deaf called Ode. The role of Ode is played by the director of the film Maotse Gurung. Kripa goes to stay with Ode's sister in the city. After some years she comes back to the village but finds herself in difficult situation with Ode's relationship. Finally she understands it perfectly the truth of their relationship and the film ends.

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