Sunday, August 19, 2007

Presentation about Blogsite

Yesterday on behalf of Chulachuli UNESCO Club I did presentation about Blogging. The topic of my presentation was "Blogging for Beginners". It was programmed to be start at 11 am but as it is said नेपाली टाइम it was only held at 12. Though we had circulated emails to many friends of Chulachuli UNESCO Club only few were present. So we called everybody from Indra Sir, Dammar Uncle and other who were present at the NGO-FONIN office to listen the program.

I had printed the three pages presentation on plastic paper so that it can be used for doing overhead projector. There was also computer projector in the office but it is hard to maintain it. Then when I was going to begin then there was light out only at that floor not to the other ones. Sounds crazy! Though me and Manzil fixed it without doing anything. Huh funny? :)

After my sister Arati introduced me and the whole attendees did themselves, I began my work. It was a introduction about Blog at first following history, providing some useful links, some common tips and some references links. That's all . It only took a short time to finish it and happy ever after. :)

That day I helped Dammar Lohorung, my uncle to prepare his report to be sent to Thailand. Four of us were working on that report preparation and that was continued till 7 pm. It was already dark and I hurriedly rushed to my home, sweet home. :)


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New Webstie Launched

Just today I uploaded a new site of Nep Tel Yellow Pages. I have been involving in it since a long time. Finally it is completed and uploaded on behalf of my office, Curves n' Colors. It was completely designed and developed by myself except some helps from my dear friends including Raju, Laxman, Kunjan and Tenzin. I want to give them best thanks for their valuable effort for making this project successful. The programming part of this project was the most easiest comparing to the other projects. So I decided to do it myself. Though I needed help from my friends too it was a nice feeling to be a junior programmer.

This is my first project fully done in this office and I was really excited for the completion of it. The day has finally arrived. Now it is the time to rock. :D


Friday, August 10, 2007

9 August: World Indigenous Day Celebrated

Yesterday was the International Day of the World's Indigenous People which was celebrated all over the world. The United Nations General Assembly declared the day as to be celebrated as World Indigenous Day. It was started from 1994. Since then it has been celebrated annually by various ethnic groups and peoples all over the world. The General Assembly has declared it as the resolution 49/214 of 23 December.

International Labour Organization has declared in the Convention 169 that every individual ethnic group which has their own identity, language, customs and culture should be treated as a different group and should be recognized individually by the country regardless of the number they possess. But in the present context of various countries, many ethnic tribes and groups are being ignored by their country. This situation is same in Nepal too. There are still many ethnic groups who are not recognized by the government of our country that also includes my tribe which is called Lohorung. Though the talk between government and limited indigenous organizations was just held, it is quite ambiguous to understand beside the promise to establish Indigenous People Committee and just trying to make an representative from every recognized ethic groups.

We the family members Arati, Anand Bro, Mother and myself also went to the rally organized by Indigenous Community Women's Network and NGO - Federation of Nepalese Indigenous Nationalities to mark the World Indigenous Day 2007. The rally started form Basantapur Durbar Square and went passing New Road, Bir Hospital, Bhotahiti, Jamal, Ghantaghar, Kamaldi and finally to Pragya Academy. There was a huge mass of people wearing their own cultural dresses.

Inside the Pragya Academy hall all of them were gathered. There were many cultural shows including a nice Indigenous related song which is published here. Many indigenous organization distributed their press releases including the one I have published here. On the occasion Speaker of House of Representative Subas Nembang has come to inaugurate the function. Krishna Bhattachan gave a very strong speech about the indigenous people issues.

In the mid of the program we were being called by Chandra Kulung of our Chulachuli UNESCO Club for attending another program. In that program water resource minister Gyanendra Bahadur Karki had come as a chief guest. He too gave speech about indigenous issues. Many other renowned intellectuals had come there and gave speech about UNESCO Clubs roles in the upliftment of indigenous peoples. The program terminated having a fast food with tea.

After that program we again came to Pragya Hall to watch rest of the shows. There was also a cultural dress shows and song performance by Bimala Subba, a renowed singer of Nepal. After watching for some hours we came back home.

At last, the day was successful as wished and that was the first time I have ever walked for any kind of rally. So I was quite excited and shouted in the slogans of indigenous issues which made my throat to jam. After sometime it became normal. Many news channels and radio stations had also come and took interview to many people who had come there.