Friday, July 27, 2007

Emma Fast Food Menu Mistakes

We some of the office staffs went to Putalisadak day before yesterday to have lunch during the break. We were of course hungry and couldn't wait anymore for it. We went to a restaurant named Emma Fast Food which is just opposite of the Kathmandu Plaza. We ordered some of the items after looking fast at the menu list. Some of them were rejected due to unavailability. We had to wait a long to get the remaining items too. This made us little crazy coz we were already becoming bored due to the hit of the direct sunlight from the glass window.

There were no work except to watch and read the menu list. As we were just chatting we discovered a very much funny or what to tell about it in the menu. Though there were lot of spelling mistakes it was not that much funny before it. In the name of one menu item it was written "Egg. Curry 1 Piss...". That was the instant continuation of more guffaws among us. We just imagined how much careless was done to prepare that menu list. I got idea of posting it in the blog and Dibesh took the picture with Motorola mobile set. Though the resolution was not that much fine, it can be recognized. Just look at the picture and have fun.


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Harry Potter Wallpaper

By hard searching in the Google with the high resolution images I have downloaded many pictures of Harry Potter and the other crew members. I have created a wallpaper and I have put its wallpaper on my desktop. If you want it just download it and set it as desktop background. J.K. Rowling seems like model in the wallpaper. Actually she is in the sense she is model of all fantasy lovers from general readers, directors, actors, writers to publishers.

The craze of Harry Potter seems never stopping. So it will be hard for those who loves Harry Potter if it stops coming.

She has said the concept of writing Harry Potter came when she was traveling from Manchester to London. When she wrote the first edition and went to the publishers she was rejected by eight publishers. Finally, Bloomsbury accepted it and they were astonished to see the market craze upon it. Till now it is going on breaking all the records of all the books of the past.

Long Live Harry Potter!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Harry Potter Mania

Though some might think that Harry Potter Craze is just time or money wasting I don't think so. As I am one of its fan I have also bought the latest released book "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" written by J.K. Rowling. Soon I started reading it and now I have finished till 6 chapters now. I wanted to finish it as soon as possible. It priced Rs. 1540 at the Educational Book Store at Kantipath, Kathmandu. My little sister has gone to buy it. She said she even got a small piece of cake while buying it. There were also about 12 copies of various small comics as complementary.

Published and distributed by Bloomsbury this edition of Harry Potter broke all the previous records of top selling books. None of the previous editions were sold in that much numbers. J.K. Rowling became the second richest woman in entertainment business due to only selling the Harry Potter series. She has said that the concept of the whole story came while she was traveling from Manchester to London by train. At one time it is said she didn't have enough money to pay for the rent of her flat too. She was a poor woman then. Harry Potter has completely transformed her into something very much extraordinary. She is now more richer then Queen Elizabeth of United Kingdom.

According to the Yahoo News this Harry Potter was sold 8.3 million copies within 24 hours of its release alone in United States. It means that it is 16 Arab 60 Crore in Nepal.

What I didn't like about the News media that the whole surprise of Harry Potter was revealed by all news media that Harry Potter will not die. I felt it is very rude to the passion readers who wanted to know by reading themselves. I have too bought a DVD of Harry Potter which cost Rs. 50 from "Phutpath" but it was a very bad print. There it was written that it has all four movies but there were only two working well though without smooth. सस्तो बेसारले पखाला चलौछ ।

Yahoo News

Thursday, July 19, 2007

RSS Feed Link of Curves n' Colors created

Just yesterday the senior programmer Laxman Bhattarai of our office Curves n' Colors created the RSS Feed. From now anyone can check the new news updates from any RSS readers without actually going to the CNC URL. Here is the link CNC's RSS Feed Link.

Curven n' Colors RSS LinkFor laymen RSS is the short form of Really Simple Syndication. It is just like a paperboy who delivers the daily updated news to your door without going to the newspapers shop. I have been using FeedReader 3.09 and I assure you that it really works well.

Some of the benefits of using RSS Feed are that I have known:

1. The main benefits I found that we can view the updates news off line too.
2. It is fast too coz it doesn't download the formatting of the web page.
3. It is the real content driven thing that means you can directly read the actual contents of the web site.

RSS uses standardized XML format which can be used by everybody to make their customized RSS file. That file can be programmed using any server side scripting languages to display the updates contents. Since the top free blogging host sites have made RSS by default nobody has to pull their hair about creating and managing it. So I think this technology is one of the best of its own kind and there is not a single reason why you shouldn't use it.

Happy Feeding!!


Sunday, July 08, 2007

CNC's New Site Launched

Just today morning CNC (Curves n' Colors) launched the new website which has been going on a long time ago. The new site is very clean and cool compared to the old site. Check the new site in the following link:

The peoples involved in this project are:
Designer and Content Manager: Kunjan Shrestha
CMS Programming: Dibesh Shrestha
Content Writer: Pradeep Rai ( Chamling)
Photos By: Ranjan Shrestha, Druba Ale(Himalyan Times Senior Photographer)

The amazing part happened just after uploading the site is that one of a new client made inquiry about the making of website.


Saturday, July 07, 2007

North Country: Sexual Harassment Law History Story

Just now we some of the CNC staffs watched the movie called "North Country". This movie is based on true story about a mother who was sexually harassed by her co-workers in the mining company called Eveleth Taconite Co during 1988. The lead role is played by the actress Charlize Theron representing the real mother Lois Jenson. This movie is directed after a book called "Class Action" written by Clara Bingham.

When I started the movie from half I was thinking this movie is not so much interesting coz it is moving like tortoise. But as I began understanding the situation and the story I was enthralled by it. Josey is a mother raising two children. She was raped by a man and was forced to give the first baby. During school time too she was raped by her teacher. When she made commitment that she need no any man to help her family go alive she decided to work in the mining company. But to her surprise she was sexually harassed by her co-workers. Not only her all the females working there were behaved the same way.

Finally she decided it was too much and she filed sexual harassment lawsuit against the company co-workers. At the beginning it was hard to her and everybody said she was crazy. But when he got a good lawyers team she won the case and everybody was with her side. That kind of sexual harassment lawsuit was first in the history and got attention from all over the world. Everybody thanked her and the films ends.

Finally when I searched the Google and I came across the book "Class Action" I am thinking of buying it though I don't know it is available or not. I suggest everybody to watch that movie. I also did read this line when searching about the sexual harassment "One of every three women is sexually harassed one or more time in her life". Most of them are ignored due to the fear that it will be whole mess of privacy. In Nepal too though we don't hear such things it might be a whole lot of dirty things inside. Due to the lack of proper laws and its implementation we can hardly imagine the backside of these kinds of things. Everybody should be aware of it and stand forward to speak against it.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Chulachuli UNESCO Club Quiz Competition

Gone 30 th of June we had a quiz competition at our local Chualchuli UNESCO Club at Dillibazaar, Kathmandu. I was the coordinator of that event but my sister Arati did help to do most of the things from informing to the participants to hosting the event. It was like a half a year when we had decided to held the event. But finally we did and I think that was just great. I prepared some of the questions and also my sister Arati too helped me for it including my little sister Akriti.

It was the day of Saturday. Though we had called many participants some of them didn't appear at that time. They were soon replaced by those who came that day. Arati did manage to buy medals and printed certificates too which was designed by myself. She too did buy a small bag of chocolates to give to the audience.

There were five teams consisting of two individuals. There were 12 rounds of questions apporximately. 60 questions from different fields viz. Politics, Science, Computer, History, Games to name some. Though there was no tough competition it was fun.

There were five team from Group 1 to 5. Group 2 consisted two contestants name Sukra Kulung and Gom B. Kulung who became the first. Group 3 consisted brother and sister named Manzil Kulung and Reshma Tumbahampey who became second. Last but not the least, Group 1 became third which consisted Kamal Kulung and Kabir Kulung as the participants.

The first team scored 210 points answering 21 questions. The second team scored 60 points answering 6 questions and the third team scored 50 points answering 5 questions. Though I distributed certificates and medals I thought I was not that much deserved. It would be better if we had called some respected persons. However, it had to be done and it is done.


Sunday, July 01, 2007

New Website Launched

Today I uploaded a new webiste on behalf of Curves n' Colors having the URL It is the webiste owned by Tshering of Bhutan. Many people have worked in this site including me. They are as follows:

Template Designer as Slicer: Raju Maharjan
Content Management: Myself and Anjula Didi.

This site is the redesign of the old site

I am thinking of putting a section where there will be the list of new webiste launches. But it is becoming like छेपारो को कथा. But don't mind I will doing it and this time it is not an excuse.