Friday, June 15, 2007

My new Flickr photo URL

<span class=I have opened a Flickr account (My Flickr URL) recently for showing my interest in photography. I like photography because as we know that a picture speaks thousand words. I have taken several photos but due to the lack of proper care many of them are lost or deleted. So I thought it would a nice starting to post online so that there will be two advantages. First one is, there will be backups of all my photos and the second is that others can too see them and search for my works. I can also get nice comments if somebody likes it.

Before I was confused to choose which domain should I use to host my photo collections. I also thought of making a separate blogspot URL just to post the photos. But I thought people use Flickr more to search and view photos. I also tried google photo sharing desktop application called Picasa. But it has a limited storage so I gave it up. So finally I though the Flickr is the right choice.

My passion in photography is more hobby than other things. It is the thirst of showing creativity and making a memory fresh in the due course of time. I believe that only the thing which is in the written or printed form will be there.The whole other thing will be gone. So my photography interest is somewhat inspired by it. Though I haven't taken any formal trainings in photography I like to do it. The photos are the most eye catching materials in web world. You can hardly see a cool website without any photos. So being a web developer and designer I have strong reasons to like photography.

Though it is the thumb rule that we should use a minimum number of photos or images in a website, it is boring to visit a site without it. The significance of photos in web is very much high. A designer hardly can imagine a world without photos.


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Kantipur Error or Politics?

Kantipur is the most reputed and top selling daily newspaper in Nepal. I think nobody will deny the line. And I am too is one of them before I discovered a huge and critical matter relating to the flow of news. First and the foremost I am sure that a daily newspaper like Kantipur should flow same news in each individual Kantipur newspaper regardless of territory of publication whether it is east or west. I am pretty sure about that a reputed newspaper should be published and take to the market when every necessary quality checkings are done. If is not done then there will no reliability to the readers and the customers.

I know that there is very much chance of errors in the daily newspapers like Kantipur. There are many news to collect, edit and publish each day. But being a reputed and highly responsible newspaper, Kantipur should not take any chances or excuses publishing such blunders and forgetting about it without informing the loyal readers.

I came to know about this mess from my father who works at Janakpur. He found the news of my Grandfather (Mother’s father) being welcomed to his village by different political parties in the second page of 15 th Baisakh 2064, Saturday in Kantipur newspaper. After some day he came to Kathmandu and told us that our Grandfather’s news has been published in Kantipur. We searched the newspaper of that particular date and was shocked to believe what we saw.

There were completely different news there. We couldn't’t believe it and asked our uncle to send that particular newspaper form Janakpur. He did and we compared the two newspapers viz published from Kathmandu and Biratnagar. There was a whole smell of politics. Because though the news of the second and third pages are completely messed up, there was all the news but in different location except our Grandfather’s news.

The other Kantipur which is published from Biratnagar has given his news but not by the Kathmandu publication. So I mean to say is that what is the matter of all this kind of error? Though I have seen some minor errors I haven’t seen such a blunder. If a reputed newspaper like Kantipur continues to do such mistakes then how can a person be reliable to the news he is reading or listening?

Though I am a not a anti of Kantipur and its publication, I am just trying to focus the Kantipur's eye not to repeat the same mistake again and again.