Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Spiderman Templates: Pretty Cool Ones!

When I was browsing about Spiderman I got into a place where we could download lots of cool Spiderman themed website templates. I downloaded it and got shocked to see the results. I was wow! A big wow and I am lovin it!If you are too a fan of Spiderman then you should definitely want to taste that templates. Just follow this link www.spiderman.sonipictures.com

Steps to put the templates:
  • Download the zipped file.
  • Unzip it using the appropriate tool
  • Open the folder and again open the index file using dreamweaver or any other HTML code displaying tool
  • Copy the actual code to your own template opened in HTML mode
  • Save it and view the final results
It is really a simple task and the results are cool. I was really bored to see a same template again and much frustrated when to see the same template of others too. Better to say same pinch but not. It seemed very common. Now it is the time of making some great and wonderful revolution. Blogger.com has given everybody to customize their blog site with much flexibility. Thanks to the team of the programmers who made such wonderful dynamic site.

But the thing you should remember is that whatever the accessories you have put in your previous blog site will be gone and your have to put it again. Though it will be not a heavy task for you I think. Any kind of help assistance is warmly welcomed.


Friday, May 04, 2007

Siddhartha and Yasodhara Story

Siddhratha Gautam married Yasodhara and started staying at their palace at Lumbini. But he was so much sad about the world's murder, war and killings that he left his palace and lover in search of the peace and love. Yasodhara and the whole family shocked to know about his action. Though when they understood they didn't defend because he is searching the thing which could bring peace in the world of wars. He then moved to Bodhgaya in India where he got the title "Buddha" after getting the enlightenment.

Everybody talks about Buddha and Buddhism and we must do it specially in this present world. But we should not forget the sacrifice of the love that his wife gave. Here is the story which was published in Kantipur Newspaper in 2005 A.D. This is really a good side effect of Buddha's Meditation. I think Yasodhara has also done great sacrifice for making him as Lord Buddha.

King Suddhodana then said, "Lord, when my daughter-in-law heard that you were wearing yellow robes she also robed herself in yellow. When she heard you were taking one meal a day she did the same. When she heard that you had given up lofty couches, she lay on a low couch and when she heard that you had given up garland and scents she too gave them up. So virtuous is my daughter-in-law."

The above paragraph extracted from http://www.buddhanet.net . The paragraph shows how much sacrifice she has given. So I think Yasodhara is also a great person.