Saturday, February 24, 2007

International Mother Language Day

Every year UNESCO has declared 21st Feb as the International Mother Language(IML) Day since 2000. Yesterday, our CUC (Clulachuli UNESCO Club) had organised a special program to celebrate this. In that program many ethnic languages representative has to give a short speech about the topic "Mother Language for quality education and tranquility" in their own mother language. Two great language researchers Amrit and a language expert Toba were also present at that program. Bahing, Lohorung, Kulung, Nashering, Thami are some of the languages that are being presented as a speech.

During the speech I come to know that there are average 6000 languages in the world. Among them 3000 languages are becoming endangered. That means 50 percent of the total languages are being extinct. If it is not well preserved than they will extinct very soon. But the question may arise that why should we preserve languages. Isn't it be a one common language that is spoken by all? That is totally wrong because a language has carried many knowledge and ideas of the ethnic group about their culture, life style, environment etc. So according to Amrit Ji if a language dies then the knowledge also dies with it. That's why we must preserver out language. Though some many argue about the increasing globalisation concept and the uselessness of preserving languages, I assume that is wrong concept.

In Nepal there are almost 143 different languages and 40 are becoming endangered. This means that lot of things to be done in the area of mother language. He has categorised the languages into different groups according to the number of people the language is spoken. Though there are other criteria to do so. He also said that if the representation of every language is done properly then the major issue of quarrel between different ethic groups can be resolved with ease. Because a language has carried the the responsibility to hold the identity of an ethnic group.

How language become extinct?
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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

OZOMATLI vs Robin and The New Revolution

This gone Saturday was our meeting of Chula Chuli UNESCO Club at Dillibazar. I have been its member for more than a half year. At the meeting I was handed the responsibility to held quiz competition about the advocacy of IPs/ HMGs ( Indigenous Peoples / Highly Marginalised Groups). Though I haven't done anything like that before I am excited to do that coz it is a rare chance. The meeting was held from around 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. Arati (my sister) was assigned the task for the co-ordination of the celebration of IML Day ( International Mother Language Day) held at Dillibazar office and organised by NGO FONIN and CUC. The date is 24 th of this month. Though the IML Day is 21st of Feb every year, the date is late coz there are some other programs that is going to be held on that day. To celebrate the IML Day all the members are too invited to attend the meeting about the advocacy of IPs/HMGs. Bagman, the club's finance co-coordinator has been proposed to go Illam to attend several programs held by the local small organisations. The budget expenditure of the previous visits of our club president is also shown at that meeting.

After finishing that meeting we some members of the club went to attend the grand musical concert done by "Ozomatli" and "Robin and The New Revolution" at Khulamanch. To tell the characteristics of Ozomatli, the member of the band belong to different nationalities from Japan, America, Mexico to name few. They are two times Grammy Musical Award winners. As talking about the "Robin and the New Revolution", they are the band of Nepal but it seems as they are westerners. That is their main feature. The sound system was so huge that when they played the rock songs it can be heard the echo after reflecting from Bir Hospital building. The the demo of the Ozomatli was outstanding we felt little bore when they played the slow type Spanish songs. After listening to some songs we came back home and again watched it live at NTV Metro. The funny thing that happened was one of our member climbed up to a tree to watch the concert. We saw that NTV was showing it more and more often in TV.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Software use in government offices

When I used to work as a hardware and networking technician I had to go many offices to repair and maintenance of computers. Those offices include from AGO (Attorney General Office), Sanima Bank, Health Ministry to name some. The officers use computer heavily but not for the main work. They use computer mainly for surfing the net and checking emails. From that situation I come to know that though they spend a heavy budget for buying computers and its technology they seldom use it for main cause such as OAS (Office Automation System). Computers are used to do only printing, storage of data, net surfing, checking emails. All other tasks are done manually. So the great technology has almost not of use. Top level management don't know or they don't want the great benefits computers can do. Due to some small problem or some small confusion they say that the whole system is not good. It is better to first analyse the whole problem and implement it.

The computer system implementation is moving the first baby step. It has to travel so many steps to compete the neighbouring countries. The government should plan for it. This happens only if the educated and experienced IT professionals go to the top level posts.

Though the truth is aside government has been planning to do so and this news is all about it. It is a great news for whole Nepali coz the delay of the government work is said to be cut by the implementation of that software system. Do read the news and have the taste of computer revolution that might be one of the biggest technology in coming future.

Photo Source: Kantipur Newspaper.


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Death of Shedney Sheldon

One of the top story writer Shedney Sheldon died on Jan 30. He was 89 years of age. This is very bad news for all the fatansy lovers. Though I am not a severe and passion reader of novels and stories I have a strong reason to post this blog. About 4 or 5 years ago my father brought a novel called "Master of the Game" written by him and translated by a Nepali writer, Tej Rai. Then we all family became fan of the writing skills and the imagination. We all have read that novel. Every time you read that novel it makes you read even more. I couldn't explain its importance.

The novel starts with the dangerous journey of Jemi who travels from Europe to South Africa in search of diamond. His close black friend Banda and him together goes in a mission to steal the diamonds from Bhander Marb who claims all the diamonds of Jemi making a forged document. They becomes successful in doing so and he builds the largest business in Cape Town. After the death of Jemi, his daughter Kate becomes the world's number one business woman and becomes the "Master of the Game".

That novel is the mixture of adventure, love, romance, sacrifice, bravery, politics, passion, art, skill, strategy and so on. I think being in Nepali made it more fluence to understand and get the real taste of story.

Source of Photo: Himalayan Times.